[Hanoi, January 9th, 2019]  With the agreement of Standing Committee, Vietnam E-Commerce Association (VECOM) held the 5thExecutive Committee Meeting. This is annual event held to review and assess the achievements and build, complete operating plan in 2019. There was quite full participation of Members of Standing Committee in the third term, close members as well as new members who have contributed and closed with development of Association over the past time.

The meeting was given with 7 major contents:

  1. Discuss and approve Operations Summary Report 2018
  2. Discuss and approve Operating plan in 2019
  3. Topic 1: Organize Vietnam Online Business Forum2019
  4. Topic 2: Sustainable e-commerce development project
  5. Topic 3: Legal business and environment protection
  6. Exchange proposal, ideas for operation of VECOM in 2019
  7. Admission Ceremony and granting certificates to new members.


The meeting began with Operations Summary Report 2018. This report is written according to Operating direction in term of 2016-2020 approved by 3rdNational Congress of Vietnam E-Commerce Association (VECOM).

2018 witnessed another year of Vietnam’ rapid e-commerce development for drawing huge interest of both domestic and foreign enterprises.

Mr. Nguyen Ky Minh-Member of Standing Committee presented the summary report with the main task of the year such as: Cooperate with Vietnam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency, Cyber Security and Crime Using High Technology Prevention Agency A05 to organize seminar “Drafting Decree on Network Security”. At the same time, he also approved summary report reviewing operational result in 2018 with big events and highlight points at Vietnam Online Business Forum 2018 (VOBF 2018) and Vietnam Online Marketing Forum (VOMF 2018) successfully held in two big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with scale of more than 2000 participants. In addition, VECOM successfully organized large and very important conferences in accordance with the trend of Vietnam’ e-commerce development such as: Vietnam Blockchain, Global Sales with Amazon, Vietnam International Tourism Market – VITM 2018, etc.

2018 is the 7thyear that VECOM has surveyed enterprises over the country to successfully build Vietnam E-Business Index. The report also points out details regarding international cooperation activities, localities, occupational social organizations were implemented through the forms of propaganda, e-commerce training.

P2Mr. Nguyen Ky Minh-Members of VECOM Executive Committee in Summary Report 2018

Following the results achieved in 2018, Operating Plan 2019 was approved and presented by Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung – Vice Chairman, Head Representative of VECOM Ho Chi Minh City with detailed activities. This plan is built according to operating direction in term of 2016-2020, the implementation situation in 2016-2018 and e-commerce development practices. In E-commerce policies consultancy and criticism plan, VECOM will focus more onlegal documents related to commerce, information technology and communication, advertising, intellectual property, consumer protection, competition, delivery and logistics, payment, network security.Highly concerned about activities building policies and laws related to information security, Decrees guiding Law on network security directly affecting on e-commerce businesses; digital economy development, including sharing economy, application of blockchain technology in logistics and traceability of agricultural products, online tourism, etc to create a favorable, clear, easy-to-attend macro environment guess for e-commerce, especially the activities expected to be held in 2019.

P3Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung-Deputy Chairman of VECOM represented Operating plan in 2019

At the Meeting, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung-Chairman of VECOM also addressed the implementation of Sustainable e-commerce development project over the period of 2019-2025. According to Vietnam E-Business Index 2018 and other sources, approximately 70% transactions were focused on Hanoi City and Ho Chi Minh City. About 20% are contributed in central cities (Hai Phong, Da Nang, Can Tho) and provincial towns. Scale of e-commerce was quite small in rural and remote areas.Meanwhile, 70% of the population lives in rural areas. The rural area has great potential for consumption, and is also a place to provide a variety of products suitable for online sales. In order to ecommerce develop quickly and sustainably, online businesses in rural areas should receive more active support.

p4Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung-Chairman of VECOM represented Sustainable e-commerce development project

Mr. Le Hai Binh- Deputy Chairman of VECOM moderated a discussion session among the Standing Committee, the Executive Committee and its members. The discussionhad a straightforward discussion and made an important contribution to the given contents. Activities in 2019 are expected to bring new information to e-commerce market in accordance with the direction and development of the current e-commerce market in Vietnam.

p6Mr. Le Hai Binh – Vice Chairman of VECOM chaired the discussion session

Besides professional activities, VECOM has accompanied with British international wildlife protection organization -Traffic, CITES to disseminate information about illegal wildlife trade. At the Meeting, CITES representative also addressed specific figures and typical images of wildlife trade on e-commerce websites. In the future, CITEST will continue to monitor these behaviors and will accompany VECOM in subsequent events.

p7CITES representatives presented flora and fauna images at risk of extinction.

p8Mr.  Nguyen Thanh Hung-Chairman of VECOM granted certificates to new members

 At the end of the meeting, VECOM received a lot of positive comments from the members of the Executive Board as well as members for the Operating Plan in 2019 along with the strategic directions and specific implementation methods for 2019.

Download files:

Report Summary 2018 Click here

Operating Plan 2019 Click here