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Program Sustainable E-Commerce Development

In recent years, the e-commerce in Vietnam has achieved the high pace and the scale of online trading almost reaches the goal of 10 billion USD. However, online shopping is relatively popular in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The potential of online shopping would be increased if we set up the coherent policies and closely connect with community business providing services and solutions for business online.

To dig in this potential, VECOM suggested sustainable e-commerce development in the period from 2019 – 2025. This program proposes two radical solutions. The first one is strengthening the belief of consumers, pushing trading online in the municipalities and provincial cities. The second one is supporting SME, household business, cooperatives, craft villages in the local where the online commodities are traded.


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Workshop Policy Aspects for Vietnam Digital Economy Development

March 7 in Hanoi, Workshop Policy Aspects for Vietnam Digital Economy Development was co-organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and World Bank Group.

At the opening of the ceremony, Mr. Cao Quoc Hung – Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade said, we are living in a world which increasingly shaped by the industrial revolution 4.0 leading by profound changes in Technology and Digitalization, that has a profound impact on global trade, economic growth, and social progress.

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The speed of e-commerce development

In 2015, Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM) evaluated that from 2016,e-commerce entered a new phase with the outstanding feature of fast and stable development.
In terms of growth rate, in parallel with the steady development of the economy and a GDP growth rate of over 7%, 2018 continued to witness a strong growth of e-commerce. Based on information from the survey, VECOM estimated that the growth rate of e-commerce in 2018 compared to 2017 was over 30%.

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Modern format stores capturing Vietnamese shopper trips

Vietnam, November 07, 2018 – 2018 is a year of unprecedented change in the modern trade channel. Although traditional trade including wet markets still dominates in Vietnam, modern trade has gained impressive momentum. Since 2012, the number of convenience stores has nearly quadrupled and minimarts comprised the most store openings in first 9 months of 2018.

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Conference on E-Commerce Exchange between Laos- Vietnam

Hanoi, 7th January 2019, Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM) with the lead of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung – Chairman, attended the discussion with the participation of Laotian delegates led by Mr. H.E Bounmy Manivong – Deputy Minister of Ministry of Industry and Trade, to share experiences about e-commerce development in each countries as well as potential opportunities for mutual collaboration.

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VOMF 2018 discusses effectiveness of Chatbot

Chatbot, an automatic chatting app, has proven its efficiency in business activities, helping enterprises save costs and time in sales and creating more benefits, heard participants at the Vietnam Online Marketing Forum (VOMF) 2018. The Chatbot app was the highlight of VOMF 2018, held in HCMC on August 15 by the Vietnam E-Commerce Association (VECOM).

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Vietnam Online Business Forum 2018

Vietnam Online Business Forum (VOBF) 2018 was successfully held in two cities Hanoi (March 14th, 2018) and Ho Chi Minh City (March 16th, 2018) that attracted the participation of many agencies, organizations, companies and individuals in the e-commerce field. The Forum created the opportunity to exchange new trends in online business, prominent technology, innovative business ideas and introduced new market research results relating to e-commerce to help participating companies adjust their strategy accordingly.

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