A./ Registration procedure of participation

The registration procedure to VECOM for individuals, enterprises belonging to different economic sectors or legal organizations of Vietnam running bussiness directly by e-commerce; or applying e-commerce in manufacturing and trading goods, or doing research/supplying e-commercial services to association is regulated as below:

1. Voluntarily participating andcommiting to follow Regulations.

2. Registrating online on the website of VECOM: www.vecom.vn

3. In case enterprises or oganizations participate themselves in the Association, the presentative of those entities must have proper right to make decision. In case of having delegation, the authorized delegator must have adequate right to make decision and take responsibility for the delegation.

4. After having finished online registraion, follow the guiline and provide all the related information under the guidance of Association’s office staff. Under the regulation, for the Standing Committee to have suficient basis to consider and decide to admit that enterprise as an official member, please complete the following procedure:
– A scanned Participation application form with presentative’s signature
– A scanned Business License of company
– Logo and the introduction of company (to upload to Association’s website)
– Pay the collective member or individual member fee to Association’s account
*Note: If registered as an individual please submit a notarized copy of identity card

5. Participation fee and annual fee
a) Collective member
– Up to50 employees: 3 million VND/year
– From 51 to 100 employees: 4 million VND/year
– Over 100 employees: 5 million VND/year
b) Individual member: 500.000 VND/year
• Association’s account: No 0011.0022.38049 – Transaction office of Bank for Foreign trade of Vietnam – Vietcombank
• If memebership’s fee is paid in cash, office staff gives a detailed instruction. State: 1) Company’s name; 2) Beneficiary organisation’s name: Vietnam E-commerce Association; 3) Content of transaction: membership’s fee.

6. After having been admitted, the new member will be granted “Membership Certificate”

7. Based on specific situations, Association will organize a Ceremony for the new members and implement promoting activities for them.

B./ Benefits of member

All members have right to fully attend all the activities regulated by the Associaion. Some main benefits are:
– Through Association, participate to build and implement policies, strategies, plans to develope e-commerce in accordance with the provisions of law; counsel, criticize issues related to e-commerce at the request of organizations and individuals.
– Get informed, updated about the new policies and laws related to the field of e-commerce, provided information, supported programs related to the field of e-commerce.
– Participate in various activities such as: consultant, support, cooperation, connection between members, exchanged information and experiences in e-commerce application and development field as well as other related issues
– Participate in forums, conversations, meetings between member and other indigenious and foreign organization to exchange information, promote e-commerce
– Participate in promoting, propaganda activities held by Association or in coordination with other agencies to socialize e-commerce
– Through association, participate with state- authorities to organize specialized training course for members and others.
– Attend in Association’s ativities such as making survey, learning and gaining experiences running e-commerce nationally and internationally
– Receive support from Association in dealing with conflicts, disputes happening during running e-commerce business activities by negociation, conciliation.
– Be able to use, exploit Association’s activities, products to promote member’s image, products. On the behalf of member Association, give suggestion, recommendation, request to government agencies about e-commerce related issues
– Get favour for members from activities organized by Association or agreement singed between Association with other organizations.
– Being protected for legal for rights and benefits and being supported when having difficulties with partners, management state agency, Government.
– Promote member’s information, capacity widely through counseling centre system, trade promotion channel.
– Participate in “TrustMark” program for strong brands on e-commercial field.
– Approach new technology supporting e-commerce through international cooperation program of Association.
Have opportunity to appear in Association’s publication: books, website, brochures, etc.
Being granted “Member certificate”.
– Being consulted and sticked “Safeweb” tag issued by the Vietnam e-commerce and information technology agency.

C./ Obligation

– Comply with the regulation and follow the decisions of the Association’s Executive Committee, Standing Committee.
– Undertake tasks, work assigned by the Association’s Executive Committee, Standing Committee
– Implement all reporting obligation, providing information at the request of Association and not contrary to the provisions of law.
– Pay joining fee (the first time) and annual fee punctually as provision of Association’s Executive Committee.
– Solidarity, support, coorporate, help other members, keep the reputation of Association.

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