Vietnam E-Commerce Business Index Report _ EBI 2024

Vietnam E-Commerce Business Index Report _ EBI 2024 Author: VietNam E-Commerce Association VECOM
Date Submitted: 07/05/2024 10:18:28
Publishing year: 2024
Format: PDF

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In the context of the world and Vietnam's economic difficulties, our country's e-commerce sector continues to grow strongly with a growth rate of over 25% and reaching a scale of over 25 billion USD. Online exports to consumers abroad increased sharply and will create a new trend of e-commerce in our country. E-commerce is also spreading deeper and deeper into industries such as education, healthcare and the environment.

However, contrasting with the rapid growth in scale is the unsustainability of our country's e-commerce. The main factors of unsustainability are the digital divide, digital human resources and the environment. In fact, the gap in e-commerce development between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and 61 other localities is very large, and high-quality human resources with formal training at universities are not enough. Demand response and e-commerce have increasingly negative impacts on the environment.

This year's E-Commerce Index Report continues to point out the need to implement policies and solutions to address the three major problems mentioned above. In addition, the Report also recommends that state management agencies evaluate the current situation, promulgate policies and laws to promote online export activities, educational technology (EdTech) and medical technology (EdTech). HealthTech).

In 2024, VECOM continues to perfect the method for calculating the e-commerce index. In addition to calculations based on survey results of thousands of businesses, VECOM also uses many other reliable quantitative information channels. The national domain name ".VN" continues to be the most important factor in evaluating e-commerce infrastructure. Although the Vietnam Internet Center (VNNIC) has implemented many activities to promote the registration and use of national domain names, the changes in some localities are very small. Therefore, this year VECOM does not rank the index for localities with an average of over 2,000 people that have a national domain name.

The level of participation in e-commerce platforms and technology platforms supporting multi-channel sales is important information when calculating scores for the indexes. Due to the strong correlation between the number of businesses and the average income of people in each locality to e-commerce, this information is considered when calculating the index.

This year's E-Commerce Index Report is a useful source of information for everyone interested in online business, including businesses, research and consulting units, policy-making agencies and law... In particular, local state management agencies such as the Department of Industry and Trade, Department of Information and Communications, Department of Planning and Investment, Center for Trade and Investment Promotion... can propose solutions. Specific activities within their scope of management to promote each component indicator in the general index, thereby contributing to the development of local e-commerce.