2024 work plan

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Da Nang City, January 12, 2023. The 4th VECOM Executive Committee Conference term IV is an annual event of the year, held solemnly and meaningfully with the presence of the Standing Committee , Member of the Executive Committee term IV, High-level Advisory Council on e-commerce, close members, businesses and lecturers under VecomNet. At the Conference, VECOM summarized and evaluated the results achieved in 2023 and approved the 2024 Work Plan.

This plan is built according to the Operational Direction approved at the 4th National Congress of the Vietnam E-Commerce Association, the implementation situation in the years 2021 - 2023, the Master Plan for national e-commerce development in the period 2021 - 2025 and practical e-commerce development in 2023 as well as new trends in the period 2024 - 2025.

1. Vietnam Online Business Forum - VOBF 2024 (March-April 2024)

In 2024, VECOM continues to organize the annual event, Vietnam Online Business Forum - VOBF, in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. 

In 2024, VECOM continues to organize the annual event, Vietnam Online Business Forum - VOBF, in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. 

The event is an opportunity for all organizations, businesses and individuals to discuss online business trends of the year, market forecasts, outstanding technologies and business ideas. At VOBF, the latest market research on online business will be published, including the Vietnam E-Commerce Index Report 2024.

VECOM will invite leading organizations and businesses in online business to participate in the Forum.

For many consecutive years from 2016 to 2023, VOBF has created a prestigious brand, attracting high attention from the online business community. VECOM has built a website https://vobf.vecom.vn/ to provide general information about this event each year.

It is necessary to pay more attention to building quality and trending content to share in the Forum in 2024 as well as in the following years, thereby affirming the Association's guiding role in the field. ecommerce.

2. Vietnam Online Import-Export Forum - VOIEF 2024 (May 2024)

This forum was held in 2017 and 2020 (VOIEF 2020 with the theme: Digital transformation in the field of goods export) and attracted high attention from a large number of agencies, organizations, businesses and media. information..

Online import and export is a trend that many import and export businesses are interested in. Over the years, VECOM has also coordinated with a number of partners and members to organize many activities to support import and export businesses through programs. online training program.

In 2024, VECOM will accompany the Online Export Support Alliance to continue organizing this event. The forum needs to evaluate achievements and evaluate trends, technologies, and solutions for stronger digital transformation from state management agencies to businesses related to import and export. In addition to agencies that have had close cooperation in this field such as the Import-Export Department, the Department of E-Commerce and Digital Economy, and the General Department of Customs, in 2024 VECOM needs to proactively invite more agencies and organizations. and related businesses participate.

3. Online export seminar series (June 2024)

Following the major directions in the Online Import-Export Forum, it is necessary to have more specific training programs for the business community throughout the country, so VECOM will organize a series of seminars on Export online throughout the country.

The program is expected to be held in 3 major cities including: Hanoi, Da Nang and City. Ho Chi Minh. VECOM may also consider organizing some more programs in other provinces and cities depending on the actual situation and local needs.

4. Trainer training program in 2024 (June-July 2024)

In June 2023, VECOM implemented 3 trainer training programs nationwide in three locations: Hanoi, Da Nang and City. HCM. The program received great support from the teaching community at universities across the country. In 2024, it is necessary to continue organizing this series of events and expand the scale for colleges, intermediate schools... to have the opportunity to participate in the program.

Program goals:

1. Lecturers have access to new policies and trends in digital business and technology related to e-commerce training, and support schools in adding and modifying training programs, lectures, learning materials, and practices. practice and practice for students.
2. Improving the quality of scientific research of lecturers, contribute to policy and law building activities on digital economy, e-commerce and e-commerce training.
3. Tightening relationships between schools, promote cooperation in building and improving training programs, improving the quality of learning materials, and exchanging lecturers.
4. Creating links between schools with policy and law-making agencies, pioneering organizations and businesses in the field of e-commerce.

5. Report on e-commerce development associated with environmental protection (July - September 2024)

E-commerce is growing rapidly, leading to many negative impacts on the environment. Without research, evaluation and long-term orientation, it will be difficult to have a favorable foundation for e-commerce to continue its current high growth. Therefore, VECOM needs to research to assess the impact of e-commerce development on the environment, thereby raising awareness of relevant parties and implementing specific policies, solutions and activities to develop Sustainable development of e-commerce associated with environmental protection.

Objective of the Report:

1. Assess the impact of e-commerce on the environment in the world as well as in Vietnam.
2. Survey the main activities of e-commerce that have the direct or greatest impact on the environment.
3. Summary of policies and laws related to both e-commerce and the environment;
4. Propose policy, legal and enforcement actions to promote sustainable e-commerce development, closely associated with environmental protection.

6. Vietnam Online Marketing Forum VOMF 2024 (September-October 2024)

Similar to the E-Commerce Panorama Forum, the Online Marketing Forum (VOMF) has been held continuously for many years. In 2023, VECOM organized this Forum in November 2023 in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. Information about VOMF over the years is available at https://www.vomf.vn/

VECOM will try to help VOMF 2024 maintain its brand as the most official and prestigious event in the field of online marketing in Vietnam. The forum will create opportunities for online business units to introduce their capabilities and products through diverse forms of promotion. Besides, businesses wishing to use online marketing services will have the opportunity to grasp the latest solutions suitable for each market, scale, and product.

7. Ecommerce EXPO 2024

Currently, trade promotion using e-commerce applications is becoming a global trend with a fast and stable growth rate. Especially in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic breaking out worldwide, the global economy is heavily affected by the epidemic, direct trade promotion activities are limited, trade promotion activities apply e-commerce. more and more opportunities for development.

2022 is the first year the Association organizes "E-commerce application trade connection and trade promotion fair (ECOMMERCE EXPO 2022)". Online exhibition activities combined with the traditional Expo model (offline format) have created opportunities for manufacturing and service businesses to access many new solutions and introduce new solutions. to customers/partners through online promotion channels, which is convenient to expand your business activities.

In 2023, VECOM continued to organize EXPO 2023 with the theme of Trade Promotion and Trade Connection. The program within the framework of the Online Marketing Forum has increased more diverse connection opportunities for participating businesses. family.

In 2024, VECOM needs to have an early plan and continue to maintain this activity to become a major annual event in the field of online trade promotion.

8. E-Business Index 2024 (September - December 2024)

2024 is the 13th consecutive year that VECOM has built the Vietnam E-commerce Index (EBI) Report under the direction and support of the Department of E-Commerce and Digital Economy.

In parallel with building a Quality Report and mentioning typical trends of e-commerce, VECOM has focused on introducing the Index to a wide audience, including state management agencies. at the central and local levels, businesses, research and training organizations...

Up to now, the Vietnam E-commerce Index (EBI) Report has attracted great attention from domestic and foreign agencies, organizations, and businesses, especially the attention of localities. ranking index set. More and more localities are paying attention to implementing specific activities with the goal of promoting e-commerce and improving rankings according to the EBI index.

EBI construction activities need enthusiastic support and funding from agencies, organizations and members. Since 2022, VECOM has strengthened cooperation with the Postal Department and Vietnam Internet Center under the Ministry of Information and Communications, payment intermediaries, leading e-commerce platforms, delivery businesses, e-commerce solution businesses... to have many objective data to support index rankings. VECOM needs to be more active in calling for interested units to participate in supporting the development of a set of Quality Indexes to build the Association's brand and reputation in the field of e-commerce.

9. Digital Business Contest 2024 (June - December 2024)

In August 2022, the Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM) and the Network of E-commerce Training Universities (VecomNet) decided to organize the Digital Business Student Competition every year. The launching ceremony of the first Contest was organized by VECOM and the National Economics University on October 8, 2022. This event received a warm response from dozens of universities and tens of thousands of students across the country. Following that success, the 2023 Competition took place with important achievements: over 70 universities had teams participating in the Competition.

This contest marks the turning point of formal training activities at universities on e-commerce and digital business in our country. For the first time, thousands of students can "realize" doing business on leading e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiktok Shop, Sapo, Haravan, LadiPage... Furthermore, many businesses stand out in Digital marketing and startup investment fields such as VinaLink, Acesstrade, Do Ventures, BambuUp, iViet, BSH... have accompanied, advised and supported the competition teams throughout the competition period.

Some information about the 2023 Competition:

1. Nearly 2,000 students from 400 teams come from 70 universities nationwide;
2. Over 30 e-commerce businesses supported the competition;
3. 30 training workshops for competition teams in four different competition contents;
4. Attract the attention of millions of readers online and in person;
5. 3 major forums in Hanoi, Da Nang and City. HCM.
6. 20 Unitours at 20 Universities across the country.
This is an extremely meaningful activity and has a great impact on the student community as well as training institutions throughout the country. VECOM needs to continue to coordinate closely with VECOMNET and training facilities and e-commerce businesses to turn the contest into an annual event with great influence in the field of training.

10. Program to develop digital human resources 2024 (June - December 2024)

Reality shows that the majority of the micro-enterprise community, business households and cooperatives have rich, diverse and quality sources of goods but cannot access and apply e-commerce implementation because many obstacles in terms of resources, skills and awareness.

On the contrary, the student community trained in this field is in dire need of accessing business practices, training and practical practice to improve their skills when graduating.

Through the VECOM program, it will connect dynamic young human resources, students trained in digital business skills, with small and micro enterprises, business households and cooperatives that do not have the conditions. Access human resources to support online business.

11. Other events

In addition to organizing main events hosted by VECOM, in 2024 the Association will continue to coordinate or support a number of organizations and members to organize events as co-organizers, sponsors, and consultants. …

These events may be related to the following topics:

1. Digital transformation in different fields and industries;
2. Events and publications related to e-commerce and architects;
3. Corporate social responsibility (for example: Protecting wildlife; Responsible alcohol trading;...);
4. Programs for student startups and human resource training in universities.


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