2016 Work Plan

Date submitted: 25/01/2021 10:20:00


I. Consultancy and review of policies and law on e-commerce

1. Development and implementation of legal documents on e-commerce

2. Monitoring of the compliance with law on e-commerce

VECOM will continue strengthening activities of monitoring and supervision of compliance with law on e-commerce.
Detecting the violations of law by companies in and out of the Association. Coordinating with the state management agencies to bring about appropriate treatment measures to create a transparent environment mutually beneficial to the Association’s activities and protection of members’ legitimate rights.
Consulting with relevant agencies in ODR – Online Dispute Resolution

II. Propaganda and populization of e-commerce

1. On the media of VECOM

Improving the quality of the electronic information page of the Association www.vecom.vn, aiding members to popularize their activities on this website.
Continuing sending E-newsletter to members and interested people twice a month.
Utilizing VECOM’s Fanpage on Facebook and Google Plus to enhance interaction with subjects.
Merchants and Market Magazine should pay more attention to e-commerce related contents, including printed and electronic versions.

2. On other media

In 2016, VECOM continues to coordinate with agencies and organizations on information technology and e-commerce, and mass media, etc. to organize activities of dissemnination and propagandization of e-commerce under varied and attractive forms.
Coordinating with local authorities in activities of propagadization of e-commerce on the local media.

III. Training on e-commerce

1. Training in colleges and universities

Continuing to coordinate with and support colleges and universities in formal training on e-commerce.
Closely cooperating with such universities as Foreign Trade University, Vietnam University of Commerce, Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Law, etc. to organize other forms of training such as online training, lecturer training. Trying to create the connection between universities and between universities and companies towards social need oriented training.

2. Training on e-commerce

Linking with a number of members to organize a series of workshops on e-commerce by topic, including personal information protection, mobile commerce application, region name and trade mark, online payment, online marketing, etc.
Encouraging members to provide logistics support and to give presentation at workshops, which both helps VECOM and popularizes members’ image and products.

IV. Mobile commerce development program

E-commerce on mobile platform (called mobile commerce, m-commerce) creates substantial benefits for businesses. The Association will develop activities to promote m-commerce, giving priority to support small and medium sized enterprises to build mobile device compatible website.
Coordinating with organizations and enterprises to organize Vietnam Mobile Day 2016 in a number of big cities.

V. Online payment promotion program

During 2011 – 2015 period, appropriate attention was not paid to activities for online payment promotion by VECOM.
In 2016 VECOM will coordinate with other members and organizations, enterprises to develop activities for online payment promotion, focus on building consumer confidence, and popularize advanced payment services, especially those on mobile devices.

VI. Online marketing program

E-Business Index shows that many enterprises have not made appropriate investment in online marketing, or have made investment without good effectiveness.
In 2016, VECOM will organize Search Engine Optimization Award (SEO AWARD 2016) in order to raise the awareness of business community of online marketing activities in general, and create larger market for online marketing businesses and support SEO experts.
VII. Improvement of quality of delivery services and fulfillment services
In 2016, VECOM will continue to coordinate with stakeholders, especially members in this field such as Vietnam Post, Fast delivery, Netco, SPT, etc. to develop activities for further enhancing quality of delivery services as well as promoting the formation and development of online fulfillment services.

VIII. The 2015 E-Business Index

Until 2015, E-Business Index has received attention of the majority of organizations, agencies and enterprises, especially state management agencies on e-commerce at local regions.
In addition to guidance and support from Ministry of Industry and Trade, VECOM should mobilize stronger support from members to make EBI a reliable tool for those interested in e-commerce, including planning policies and business.

IX. The 2016 Online Shopping Day (Online Friday)

The 2015 Online Shopping Day was organized with better quality and greater attention of both enterprises and consumers.
In 2016 VECOM will continue to closely coordinate with Vietnam E-commerce and Information Technology Agency to effectively organize this program to make Online Shopping Day an annual event and promote e-commerce, strive to create greater transaction value and significant decrease of violations of law and regulations of the event.

X. Cooperation activities

1. Cooperation with local regions

2014 and 2015 E-Business Index Reports show a big difference in e-commerce development among local regions.
In 2016, VECOM will strengthen cooperation with Department of Industry and Trade of local regions to develop the above activities as well as other activities according to the proposal of each local region in order to quickly and sustainably develop e-commerce and narrow the gaps.
Orientation of cooperation is that local regions are responsible for logistics activities such as inviting enterprises to participate and providing place, VECOM invites members to offer solutions, consultancy and presentation with preferential conditions.

2. Cooperation with media agencies

E-commerce has received quite good attention from media agencies.
VECOM has close relationship with many media agencies. However, it should expand relationship with other media agencies to create preferable foundation in e-commerce communication activities of the Association.

3. Cooperation with state management agencies and professional associations

Guidance and assistance by state management agencies on e-commerce (Vietnam E-commerce and Information Technology Agency under Ministry of Industry and Trade) have significant meaning to VECOM operations. Apart from this agency VECOM has relatively close relationship with other agencies. In 2016, VECOM will continue to maintain and strengthen cooperation with these agencies and expand relationship with other agencies.
VECOM will maintain close cooperation with professional associations, including those in information and communications technology, logistics and delivery, payment, etc.

4. International Cooperation

Priority is given to international cooperation activities in markets in Asia – Pacific such as Japan, Korea, Singapore.
In 2016, VECOM cooperates with agencies such as Vietnam E-commerce and Information Technology Agency, French Trade Office in Vietnam, etc. to organize exchanges and connect business opportunities for Vietnam e-commerce businesses to Japan, Republic of France, etc.
Supporting to organize big events on e-commerce in Korea, Singapore, Thailand, etc.


I. Member development and assistance

In 2016, Association Office and Member Board should be more active in admitting members in order to admit 30 new members.
Assitance to members in 2016 should be further attached with professional activities related to delivery, personal information protection, online marketing, payment, sale, digital contents, online travel, etc.
Organizing meetings and exchanges on quarterly or monthly bases by group, discussing business environment, experience of development of e-commerce of each member.

VECOM is the bridge to inform and receive reflection on law policies related to business activities for members.
Updating information about key officers in each collective member. Reminding members to pay full and timely association fee as regulated in the Regulations.

II. Organize the 3th General Meeting

The 3th General Meeting is expected to be hold in March 2016. The Executive Committee has decided on significant issues and assigned the Standing Committee to implement specific tasks to successfully organize the Meeting.
The number of members in the Executive Committee of the third term will be higher than that of the second term and will be more evenly distributed among regions and sectors./.

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