4th - 3rd Session of Executive Committee

Date submitted: 11/05/2023 10:51:00

[Da Lat, January 6, 2022] With the agreement of the Standing Committee, the Vietnam E-commerce Association held the Executive Board Meeting to extend the fourth term - the 3rd time. This is an event. annual meeting is held annually to summarize and evaluate the achieved results and to develop and provide additional suggestions to complete the Work Plan 2023. Attending the conference were the Members' participation. Executive Committee term IV; Close members have made many contributions and are attached to the development of the Association over the past time.

(General photo of the Conference)

The 3rd Executive Committee Meeting of the IV term took place directly in Da Lat City. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung, Chairman of Vietnam E-commerce Association gave the opening speech of the Conference.

(Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung - Chairman of Vietnam E-commerce Association)

Major topics discussed during the Conference:

Discussing through the Final Report of Work 2022

Discussing and approving the Work Plan for 2023

Topic 1: Activities of the network of e-commerce training institutions

Topic 2: Activities of the Digital Marketing and Technology Association

Topic 3: Operation plan of Da Nang E-commerce Association

Topic 4: Plan to develop and support members in 2023

Exchange of proposals and initiatives for VECOM's activities in 2022

The conference was opened with the Final Report of 2022. This summary report builds on the Operational Orientation approved at the 4th National Congress of the Vietnam E-commerce Association, the situation operational implementation model for the years 2016 - 2022, the National E-commerce Development Master Plan for the period of 2021 - 2025 and the actual development of e-commerce.

Mr. Tran Van Trong - General Secretary of VECOM approved the Final Report with the task of consulting and criticizing legal policies: VECOM has coordinated with agencies and organizations, namely the General Department of Taxation and member enterprises. organize consultations for draft circulars and decrees related to tax activities in e-commerce.

In addition, in 2022, VECOM will also work closely with CAPEC and delivery businesses to comment on the draft Decree on customs management for exported and imported goods transacted via e-commerce. death.

(Mr. Tran Van Trong – General Secretary of VECOM presented the report on activities in 2022)
In addition, in 2022, VECOM has also successfully deployed large-scale annual events nationwide in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, attracting thousands of delegates to attend the forum directly and hundreds of thousands of participants. Thousands of delegates attended online. In addition, VECOM has also successfully organized other small-scale seminars in line with the development of Vietnam's e-commerce, and especially successfully organized the 2022 Business Talent Contest with students. nationwide, won an enthusiastic response from more than 60 universities and more than 200 teams.

Besides organizing events, 2022 is also the 11th year VECOM builds the Vietnam E-Commerce Index. The 2022 report has received enthusiastic support from many agencies, organizations and businesses, especially the enthusiastic and effective help and support of the Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy. Departments of Industry and Trade of provinces and cities, active members of VECOm (Vietnam Post, Google, Facebook, EMS, Sapo, Netco, J&T, Mat Bao, Fado, IMGroup,...)... This is a precious document. help businesses have an overview and development orientation after the pandemic to restore business operations stably. In addition, international cooperation activities, cooperation with localities, professional social organizations ... implemented through the forms of propaganda and training in e-commerce have been reported in detail.

At the Conference, the Work Plan 2023 was also presented by Mr. Tran Van Trong with specific activities. In the coming period, VECOM's top priority is to continue to advise and criticize policies, draft amendments and supplements to Circulars and Decrees directly or indirectly related to e-commerce in order to continue to create a favorable environment. open, contributing to the strong growth momentum of 2023 as well as for the whole period of 2021-2026, bringing the goal of Vietnam's e-commerce in 2025 among the top three ASEAN countries into reality.

At the 3rd Executive Committee Meeting of the 4th term, a lot of issues around professional topics were also discussed.

Topic 1: Activities of the network of e-commerce training institutions

Topic 2: Activities of the Digital Marketing and Technology Association

Topic 3: Operation plan of Da Nang E-commerce Association

Topic 4: Plan to develop and support members in 2023

At the end of the conference, VECOM received a lot of positive comments from the Executive Committee members as well as members for the Operational Plan with strategic orientations and specific implementation methods for 2023. 

Conference Program Available: here

Work plan 2023: here

Activities Report 2022: here