Da Nang trains small traders to livestream sales, 'rescuing' traditional markets

Date submitted: 07/05/2024 09:42:47

On May 3, 2024, Vietnam E-commerce Association - Central Highlands Branch coordinated with Da Nang Market Management and Development Company and universities in the area to organize a workshop "Business in the digital environment and livestream knowledge".

(Small traders and students in Da Nang are updated by experts on their knowledge about online sales, livestream sales...)

Hướng dẫn tiểu thương chợ truyền thống livestream bán hàng(A large number of small businesses and students attended the workshop)

Training participants are mostly traditional market traders, business households, small production establishments... They are provided with knowledge and experience on regulations, sales mechanisms and policies, and skills. related to e-commerce to professionalize the supply chain of goods and logistics activities in traditional markets. E-commerce application models at traditional markets around the world are also introduced, contributing to comparing and overcoming the situation of declining purchasing power of traditional markets in Da Nang City as well as nationwide over time. 


Chia sẻ các giải pháp bán hàng mới cho tiểu thương

(Sharing new sales solutions for small businesses)

At the program, experts introduced e-commerce application models in traditional markets around the world as well as outlined the current situation and proposed solutions for supplying goods and logistics in traditional markets. in Vietnam in general and Da Nang in particular.

In addition, small businesses and students participating in the workshop will be able to share knowledge, livestream sales skills, how to sell on Tiktok, experience suggestions for effective livestream sellers, and preparations to serve the process. livestream sales...

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Tru - Deputy Director of the City Department of Industry and Trade. In Da Nang, buying and selling goods through livestream is developing rapidly, becoming an effective tool to help businesses promote, introduce and sell goods without having to spend a lot of costs and human resources. This is also a method. It is the preferred choice of many consumers when shopping online through social networking platforms and e-commerce platforms (Facebook, Shopee, Tiktok...).

Hướng dẫn tiểu thương chợ truyền thống livestream bán hàng

(Mr. Nguyen Van Tru - Deputy Director of Da Nang Department of Industry and Trade.)

Deputy Director of the Da Nang Department of Industry and Trade said that in recent years, in order to support businesses in promoting industry and trade promotion activities, the Vietnam E-commerce Association has actively coordinated with the Department of Industry and Trade and other organizations. Relevant units organize training programs and support businesses and small businesses in accessing, exploiting and effectively using e-commerce solutions in production and business activities.

(Recently, the Da Nang Department of Industry and Trade has implemented many activities to support businesses and OCOP subjects in accessing e-commerce solutions for sales.)


"The workshop will support small traders in traditional markets to access modern sales solutions; promote promotion and attract more and more domestic and foreign customers to visit and shop at traditional markets; replace Changing and adapting new sales methods... contributes to transforming into a smart market model," Mr. Tru said.

According to the program to apply digital payment and e-commerce solutions in Da Nang traditional markets in 2024, after training, small businesses will continue to be trained and practice livestreaming in direct and online forms. . Small businesses receive support in opening sales accounts, in-depth training on livestream skills, practice creating accounts and trial livestreams...

It is expected that in June 2024, the units will coordinate to organize a launching ceremony and perform livestream demonstration (receive orders, on-site packaging and delivery); Organizing a logistics service solution counter, including a packaging section and a delivery waiting area at Con market, Da Nang city.

Participating in the program, small businesses responded enthusiastically, proactively and actively asked questions to Businesses and Speakers. Ms. Tran Thi Thu (born 1964, small trader at Con market) was excited to receive support and training on livestream sales. Recently, purchasing power in traditional markets has not been positive, small businesses like her have also managed to sell goods in the digital environment through zalo and facebook.

"Having been supported to access new sales channels on cyberspace, we small businesses are very happy. We hope that through this, business at traditional markets will be more positive," Ms. Thu said.

VECOM hopes that the event will be a big step forward, an activity that will contribute to 'Saving' small businesses in the traditional market of Da Nang in the future.