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Hanoi, May 24, 2024, Vietnam E-Commerce Association (VECOM) coordinated with Cyber ​​Security Joint Stock Company (VSEC) to organize the Member Exchange Program for the second quarter of 2024 with the theme "Digital Enterprise and the New Era of Technology". The event attracted the participation of many members from different fields and professions. The program is organized with the purpose of creating opportunities for members to interact, exchange experiences and grasp new trends in the field of e-commerce and technology. Experts in the fields of cybersecurity, digital technology and business shared the challenges and opportunities that digital businesses are facing in the digital era.

(Overview of the program)

Attending the event, Mr. Tran Van Trong, General Secretary of the Vietnam E-Commerce Association, said: "The VECOM Member Exchange Program is a periodically implemented activity to create opportunities to connect and share. Besides, this is also an opportunity to introduce new members to join VECOM. Each program will have its own theme to bring many practical values, suitable to the needs We hope this event will contribute to promoting the development of the digital business community in Vietnam."


(Mr. Tran Van Trong, Secretary General, delivered a welcome speech)

Among the businesses participating in the program, there are many leading units such as KIOTVIET, SAPO, LADIPAGE, META ECOM, MEEY LAND and B&COMPANY. These businesses come from many different fields such as technology, e-commerce, marketing, and many other business fields. The participation of "big names" in the industry has contributed to the excitement and effectiveness of the program, providing opportunities for businesses to exchange, learn and connect with each other. In the jubilant and vibrant atmosphere of the program, Vietnam E-Commerce Association (VECOM) with joy and excitement, officially welcomed 05 new members to join the organization. The participation of these new members will contribute to further promoting and developing the e-commerce sector in Vietnam. Congratulations:

1. B&Company Vietnam COMPANY LIMITED





(Representatives of businesses receive VECOM Membership Certificates)

To have an overview of activities in 2024, Mr. Doan Quoc Tam, Head of the Cooperation Committee of Vietnam E-Commerce Association (VECOM), shared about VECOM's orientation and main priorities during this period. in the coming period through the 2024 Work Plan. He emphasized that, in the coming period, VECOM's top priority is to continue to advise and criticize policies, draft amendments and supplements to Circulars and Decree. regulations directly or indirectly related to e-commerce. Focus on the program "Sustainable e-commerce development", Educational Technology (Edtech), personal information protection, online export and online dispute resolution.

(Mr. Doan Quoc Tam, Head of VECOM Cooperation Committee shared)

The goal by 2025 is the proportion of e-commerce in Hanoi and City. Ho Chi Minh will account for 50%, while other localities will also reach 50%. VECOM will develop high-quality human resources through coordination with educational institutions to improve the quality of lecturers and human resources for society, while promoting VECOMNET network activities to form a community. lecturer, e-commerce expert. In addition, VECOM will strengthen propaganda and dissemination of e-commerce in the media, develop real digital human resources through connecting the student community with the business community and cooperatives. and business households. The Association will also continue to strengthen cooperation with domestic and international agencies and organizations, while focusing on internal activities, including member support activities.

(Mr. Vu The Hai, representative of VSEC shared)

In the context of increasingly strong digital transformation, the issue of security and personal data protection is becoming a major challenge for businesses and organizations. Mr. Vu The Hai, Head of Information Security Monitoring and Operation Center at Vietnam Cyber ​​Security Joint Stock Company VSEC, shares about threats and solutions to help deal with these challenges. According to Mr. Vu The Hai, the threats are relatively large because cyber security is still too young in Vietnam, regulations and laws have only just been formed. This leads to relatively large threats to users' personal data.

As can be seen, threats to personal data include both external and internal threats. For example, external threats such as exploiting software vulnerabilities, stealing access accounts, ransomware, etc. Meanwhile, internal threats such as data theft and data sabotage are equally serious.

One of the biggest challenges is the rapid development of digital transformation while still ensuring safety, compliance with laws and industry standards. In addition, the shortage of information security personnel is also a problem that needs to be resolved.

To deal with these challenges, Mr. Vu The Hai proposed some solutions:

1. Implement information security methodically, complying with security standards and regulations.

2. Use cloud computing solutions to improve data protection.

3. Use professional information security services to supplement human resources and in-depth knowledge.

With these solutions, businesses and organizations can proactively deal with cybersecurity threats and effectively protect personal data during the digital transformation process.

(Mr. Nguyen Dac Tinh, shared at the program)

At this program, Mr. Nguyen Dac Tinh, Founder & Chairman of Vietnam Martech, shared about outstanding technology trends and predictions for SMEs in the period 2024-2025. Prominent trends include personalization with the support of artificial intelligence (AI), influencer marketing, content marketing, and cross-platform livestreaming. Mr. Tinh predicts there will be a new order in the startup world, with the number of unicorn companies decreasing. Businesses will accelerate investment and application of technology to address fierce competition, price pressure, and improve customer satisfaction.

Mr. Tinh also noted the rise of private commerce (Solo-commerce) and TikTok's promotion of the social commerce trend. Besides, the mental health of generation Z is becoming increasingly worse, and a new era - the era of AI agents (AI employees) is emerging. For SMEs, they are facing many challenges such as small scale, limited management capacity and resources. However, speed, flexibility and willingness to apply new breakthrough technologies are the advantages of SMEs. SMEs often tend to try new software and technology to solve big problems. The application of technology in production and business is accelerating due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The business technology landscape in the world and in Vietnam is changing and developing rapidly, towards Digital Transformation 2.0.

During the session, main topics were discussed including personal information data security, information content security, and related emerging technologies. Regarding personal data security, measures such as data encryption, access control, and secure storage were discussed, along with legal issues and the risks of information leakage. Regarding content safety, technologies and methods for detecting and managing harmful content were covered, along with related ethical issues. Finally, new technology trends such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain have been evaluated for their applicability in enhancing information security and safety.

(KIOTVIET representative shared)

(Meta Ecom representative shared)

(Sapo representative shared)

The Vietnam E-Commerce Association's Member Exchange Program for the second quarter of 2024 took place in a lively atmosphere, with lively exchanges and discussions between members and speakers. Members had the opportunity to learn, share experiences and expand their network of business relationships. Through this program, the Association continues to affirm its role as a forum to connect, support and promote the digital transformation process of the Vietnamese business community. The Association would like to sincerely thank the businesses and teachers who attended, and hopes to have more exchange programs to contribute and share challenges and difficulties in work.

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