E-commerce Training Report 2010

E-commerce Training Report 2010 Author: VietNam E-Commerce Association VECOM
Date Submitted: 13/05/2021 14:51:21
Publishing year: 2010
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The master plan sets a general goal: E-commerce is widely used and achieved advanced levels in the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), contributing to improving the competitiveness of enterprises and national competitiveness, promoting the industrialization process , modernizing the country. The master plan has prioritized the development of human resources in e-commerce, considering this as one of the most important solutions to achieve the above goal.
Inheriting the achievements from the implementation of the Master Plan for e-commerce development in the period of 2006 - 2010, the content of human resource development in the upcoming 05-year period focuses on two main contents: dissemination, propagation to raise awareness about the benefits of e-commerce and promote formal training on e-commerce. On June 1, 2009, the Prime Minister's Decision No. 698/QD-TTg approving the Master Plan for development of information technology human resources to 2015 and orientation to 2020 was issued, in which many solutions to improve the quality and quantity of It human resources in Vietnam. According to the Prime Minister's Decision, the target is that by 2015 about 30% of the number of IT, electronics and telecommunications students after graduation from universities with sufficient professional and foreign language ability to participate in the international labor market; in universities and colleges, the average rate of 15- 20 students / lecturers in IT training; 70% of IT lecturers in university and over 50% of IT lecturers in colleges have master's degrees or higher; rapidly increasing the number of lecturers with doctoral degrees; by 2015, providing enterprises with 250,000 specialized workers in IT, electronics and telecommunications with professional and vocational primary qualifications (1 year training) or more, including 50% of employees with college, university degrees and 5% with master's degrees or higher, etc. One of the important factors to achieve the goal of developing e-commerce human resources on the basis of mobilizing resources of the whole society is to build a learning society that is constantly trained, self-studying, thƣờng continuously cultivating skills, knowledge, intellectual development and creativity. With the rapid development of IT and communication, online training has opened a new era for the field of education and training and brought great benefits to participants. Therefore, the application of online training in e-commerce training activities is oriented to encourage organizations to invest in developing online training technology, support universities and associated enterprises in designing content, online training sys, capital support and tax incentives, etc. are new directions set out in the Master Plan for e-commerce development in the period of 2011 – 2015.