End of Vietnam Online Business Forum 2021

Date submitted: 09/06/2021 11:33:49

Following the annual series of events of Vietnam Online Business Forum (VOBF) organized by the Vietnam E-commerce Association, sponsored by the Department of E-Commerce and Digital Economy, Ministry of Industry and Trade. VOBF 2021 with the theme "Transformation from today" will share the latest indicators of the e-commerce market in Vietnam and the world, important e-commerce trends published by Nielsen, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Lazada, Tiki ... This is a prestigious and large-scale program with the companion of more than 30 technology companies, including the Digital Transformation Alliance of Small and Medium Enterprises (DTS).

The event attracted thousands of attendees

VOBF 2021 program is co-organized by reputable units including IM Group Digital Business Academy, Getfly Company in Ho Chi Minh City and Ladipage Company, Vinalink Company in Hanoi. The content shared at the forum will help businesses have important information to adjust their business strategy on e-commerce and timely update the most effective trends.

The forum with a national scale, creating opportunities to connect exchanges between participating businesses, and share the issues that are of top interest in the digital age. The program attracted more than 2000 delegates, more than 10,000 views on Fanpage and millions of interested people on the Internet. 

The content throughout the program consists of four sessions revolving around the topics "Transformation - Transformation - Growth - Growth". Specifically, the first session shared about "The transformation of the market 2021 and the platform that promotes digital transformation", following the second session with the theme "Essential changes to adapt to survival and development, the third session presents the content of "Business growth from the new transformation model" and the last session is the topic "Sustainable development and readiness to face all future situations". The content is shared from 30 leading reputable experts in the field of e-commerce from Facebook, Google, Amazon, Nielsen, Tiki, Lazada, IM Group, DTS, GoSell, VPBank, Haravan...

Session 1: Overview of e-commerce after the pandemic

This year, VOBF 2021 is organized to provide a big picture of Vietnam e-commerce, and update more attractive topics from the latest information about e-commerce, statistics on customer's shopping transformation behavior for businesses. Valuable practical information helps businesses find strategic solutions to change, overcome the consequences of the last Covid-19 pandemic and breakthrough and sustainable growth for businesses in the online environment.

Session 2: New epidemic in the digital economy

Vecom's report also shows that, in relation to online retailing, the volume of postal mail via delivery services in 2020 increased by 47%. Top delivery businesses have postage growth of 30% to 60%. However, the growth rate of revenue from the service is lower than the rate of increase in output. The proportion of postal services of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City accounts for about 60% of the total postal mail in the country.

Phiên 3: Chuyển đổi để tăng trưởng

Session 3: Conversion for Growth

In addition, the business activities of e-wallets also grew strongly. However, according to VECOM estimates, the rate of cash payment (COD) for retail purchases of goods online remains high, about 80%.

Regarding e-commerce index (EBI) ranking among localities, Ho Chi Minh City continues to lead the EBI 2021 ranking with 67.6 points. The second place is Hanoi with 55.7 points. However, the average score of this year's index is 8.5 points, reflecting the huge gap between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with 61 other provinces. Overview of the period 2016 - 2020, the EBI gap between Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and the rest of the localities is virtually unchanged. This fact demonstrates that many localities have not yet exploited the opportunities offered by e-commerce, and e-commerce businesses are slow to expand their business and grow sustainably.

"Businesses have been more active, adaptable and interested in online business. The rapidly growing online consumer community brings growth to many industries such as: retail goods, ride-calling, food delivery, online payment, online marketing and training", VECOM assessed.

Session 4: Sustainable development

From the perspective of the world's leading e-commerce platform operators, Mr. Trinh Khac Toan, representative of Amazon Global Selling Vietnam, said that in the past 5 years, the growth of retail sales on the world e-commerce platform has increased to 22%, forecasting more than 20% growth in 2021. Thus, e-commerce development in Vietnam is an inevitable trend to catch up with the world's growth momentum.

Vobf Forum 2021 brings an in-depth, multi-dimensional view of vietnam's e-commerce landscape and solutions to change, adapt and develop sustainably in the digital age with market reports, unprecedented e-commerce indicators, essential change strategies to adapt , survival and development, sharing about the sustainable development model and being ready to face any situation in the future.

With the goal of supporting Vietnamese enterprises to develop and adjust their business strategies, VOBF 2021 is also an opportunity for businesses to participate in promoting investment, cooperation and sustainable business development among Vietnamese enterprises nationwide.

Impressive numbers about the forum:

  • 2000++ delegates attended the Forum in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
  • 20000++ delegates attended online
  • 80++ media attended and reported on the event
  • Gathering 30 speakers from reputable domestic and foreign brands to share at the Forum
  • Millions of people know about the event via online channels

The Organizer of Vietnam E-Commerce Panoramic Forum - VOBF 2021 would like to thank the enthusiastic support from Facebook, Google, Nielsen, Amazon, Vinalink, Ladipage, IMGroup, GoSELL, Getfly, Vietnam Post, SAPO, EMS, Lazada, Fado, VPBank, Haravan, Tiki, ACCESSTRADE, BeeST, B-Academy, MGID, Anchanto, Netco, Netnam, Vietguys, Gostream, SR Watch, Nhân Hòa, Insider, VNNIC, MMA, Guuads, Navee, TTMS, SmartOSC, Traffic, DTS, Goldsun Media... and many press and media units.

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