End of VietNam Online Marketing Forum – VOMF 2020

Date submitted: 09/06/2021 11:30:00

Hanoi on October 23, 2020, Vietnam E-commerce Association organized the Vietnam Online Business Forum (VOMF 2020). This is the 5th year the event has been held in Vietnam to attract the attention of the community.

Returning from the resounding success of Vietnam Online Marketing Forum 2019, VOMF 2020 received the warm attention of the small and medium-sized business community, startups, media units, organizations – agencies – units operating in the field of Marketing and e-commerce throughout the country.

The forum was held with 4 sessions:

Session 1 – Super App Marketing

Session 2 – Micro Business Go Online

Session 3 – Social Commerce

Session 4 – ECommerce Growth Hacking

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung said that in the context of the global economic decline due to the negative impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, Vietnam's economy still has a certain level of growth. In the post-epidemic period, Vietnam's economic picture has added bright colors, many signals that Vietnam's economic growth still has a growth balance of 1.8 - 2.9% in 2020.

Commenting on the trend of online shopping, Ms. Le Minh Trang, Senior Manager of The Northern Region of Nielsen Vietnam said that during the outbreak, Vietnamese consumers still closely monitor the epidemic situation, quickly change their consumption habits, to protect themselves and the community.

"If you observe the growth index of the fast-food industry (PMCG) from 2013 to now, there is a certain increase and decrease. However, in 2020 this index fell the deepest due to the effects of the epidemic. Up to 45% of consumers stock up on food at home more; 50% of consumers reduce the frequency of visiting supermarkets, grocery stores and markets; but up to 25% of consumers increased online shopping activities and 25% of consumers reduced their eating activities outside", Ms. Trang cited.

The consumer confidence index in 2020, according to Nielsen, has also seen a change, as the level of spending and spending on more savings increases in the second quarter of 2020. "The demand for fashion shopping, the demand for tourism of consumers decreased markedly, so retailers need to pay attention to this psychology of customers, when marketing online shopping for personal care products. Especially during the epidemic, consumers tend to buy health care products and prevent epidemics", Ms. Trang recommends.

VOMF 2020 consists of 4 sessions. Session 1 with the theme "Super App Marketing", the speakers exchanged new trends, ways to develop a lean business so that customers can make the most of the benefits of the apps, and share data information as well as actual case studies.

Session 2 with the theme "Micro Business Go Online" focuses on providing solutions to help small and medium-sized businesses do business online easily.

The rise of social platforms that attract a large number of users has further developed marketing platforms, which are highly interactive, convenient for closing orders. This is also the content of Session 3 "Social Commerce". Session 4 "Ecommerce Growth Hacking" synthesizes specific strategies for businesses to have an overview of the technologies and solutions that can be applied in the nearest time.

Impressive numbers about the forum:

  • 1500++ delegates attended the Forum
  • 10000++ delegates attended online
  • 80++ media attended and reported on the event
  • Gathering more than 40 speakers from reputable domestic and foreign brands to share at the Forum
  • Millions of people know about the event via online channels

The organizers of the Online Marketing Forum – VOMF 2020 would like to thank the enthusiastic support from Facebook, Google, Nielsen, Tiktok, Amazon, Tiki, Sales Bot, Sapo, IMGroup, VNPost, EMS, VPBank, Haravan, Repu Digital, Vinalink, LadiPage, SEONGON, Accesstrade ... and many press and media units.

Some photos at the forum:


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