End of Vietnam Online Tourism Day 2020

Date submitted: 04/06/2021 10:42:00

On September 30, 2020 in Hanoi, vietnam e-commerce association (VECOM) several tourism associations (VITA) co-organized Vietnam Online Tourism Day 2020 with the participation of state agencies, companies and business organizations related to the field of online tourism.

At the forum, representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Rural Development Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, Member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications spoke about the direction of the Government, of the Ministry of Culture and Rural Development on the digital transformation program in tourism. These directions will guide the rapid and effective implementation of the digital transformation program in the Tourism industry.

The first session of the Forum was themed "Digital transformation trends of worldtourism, common issues" of discussion (in person and online) of representatives of some of the world's leading technology corporations such as Google, Facebook on the needs, trends and ability to implement digital transformation of global tourism. Besides global corporations, the forum heard and discussed a social network about Vietnam's tourism. Hahalolo, in contact with those determined to promote the application of digital technology to Vietnam tourism.

The seminar of Session 1 focused on four topics: 1) Overview of the current status of the tourism industry and the need for digital transformation for the domestic tourism sector; 2) The trend of development and digital transformation of the tourism industry in the world, contacting reality in Vietnam; 3) Digital transformation solutions from large corporations; 4) Notes when converting numbers.

The second session with thetheme "Digital transformation of tourism enterprises". The opening of the 2nd session was an online speech by Mr. Robert Duglin, Vice President of the American Travel Association, a world-leading association for the activities of American travel businesses in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic and the relationship between U.S.-Vietnam tourism. In addition, in this session, some businesses have made certain achievements in forming technology products serving specific areas of tourism such as marketing, travel, accommodation to share their business development experiences.

Through the presentation of technology development enterprises in the field of tourism, we feel confident that Vietnam can completely create digital applications to contribute to digital transformation for Vietnamese tourism businesses.

It is important to create close relationships between technology enterprises and tourism businesses. The forum organized a technology product gallery for several technology enterprises to showcase their products. After the forum, the Vietnam Tourism Association will continue to organize other forms of meeting, so that Vietnam's tourism technology products can reach Vietnamese tourism businesses.

Online Travel Day 2020 brings together many prestigious speakers from domestic and foreign organizations such as MoET, VECOM, VITA, ASTA, Facebook, Google, Getfly, Vinalink, Luxstay, Sapo,... bringing many practical values as well as comprehensive paintings for a large number of businesses, event attendees and people interested in following online. The Organizing Committee would also like to thank the support of sponsors of the program: Sapo, Facebook, USAID, Getfly, Hahalolo, ImGroup, Gotadi, Google, Vietiso, Luxstay, Vinalink ... make the program successful.

Some photos at the event:


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