Establishment of Blockchain Branch

Date submitted: 25/01/2021 10:52:00

On April 23rd 2018, Blockchain Association was founded under direction of Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM). VECOM expects that in the first 3-year term 2018-2020 Blockchain Association would actively contribute to applying blockchain in different business sectors.

In Vietnam eBusiness Index Report 2018, Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM) consulted that Vietnam would need to enhance quickly research and usage of blockchain in doing business, as it is considered one of basis technologies in the development of digital economy. For this purpose, VECOM has established Blockchain Association, which gathers either organizations or individuals with interest in blockchain study and utilization.

The main targets of Blockchain Association are to raise the use of blockchain technology in doing businesses, increasing business efficiency among members as well as other organizations, enterprises who are doing online businesses.However, e-finance and funding by e-currency are not included in the Association' activities.

Members of Blockchain Association, which are organizations and individuals mainly coming from VECOM, have concern and interest in research, application, consultation, training in regard with blockchain technology. Main activities include:

1. To give consultation, argument on policies and regulations in order to build a facilitating macro environment for blockchain study, development and application in business sectors, especially in online business
2. To host or co-operate with members, organizations, presses, media to deploy propaganda programs about blockchain benefits
3. To cooperate with members and institutions to offer training courses to build high-quality workforce that meets regional and global' qualifications for blockchain research, development and application
4. To propose, advise and support research projects, blockchain applications in some sectors which are expected to have big impacts on socio-economy
5. To support the youth/students to start-up in blockchain and related sectors
6. Other activities that are relevant with blockchain development and the Association' direction

Blockchain Association is going to have a public announcement ceremony at Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2018, which is taking place in June 2018 in Hanoi.