Getfly CRM – "Universal Key" to solve the problem of management and customer care for SMEs Vietnam

Date submitted: 23/06/2021 17:38:00

CRM, the term is no stranger to managers, business owners. Using CRM helps businesses solve management problems, save costs, improve labor efficiency ... By becoming a partner of 3000+ Vietnamese SMEs, gradually deploying to large corporations, occupying a large market share in the field of software solution provision, Getfly CRM is often mentioned as the no. 1 prestigious choice today.


Getfly CRM – the "Universal key"


"Optimizing profit, maximum value" is the guide to Getfly CRM that wants to bring to partners / users. Throughout the long journey (from the establishment to the present), Getfly CRM is constantly improved and enhanced by enthusiastic, experienced staff, proud to bring comprehensive solutions, solve concerns and concerns of businesses in terms of management and customer care.


In fact, Getfly CRM application helps to operate the business completely automatically saving time, cost, effort but still ensuring all smooth operations, steadily increasing sales from 200-300% / year. The more efficient management of information is also the main factor that determines the increase in revenue and corporate profits.


With flexibility and market acumen, Getfly CRM has made a difference, superior to other management software. Getfly CRM is not merely a professional enterprise management and automated customer care software, but also acts as an open connection system expressed in the easy connection with other software / systems.


Getfly CRM plays a central role in synthesizing and processing data collected from search behaviors, customer habits when they use software, other programs such as Email, Sms, Telephone Exchange ... sales solutions such as Kiotviet, Haravan, Webshop, Transportation, ERP, Zapier, Accounting ... also connected by Getfly during work.


Success based on conversion rates and 80/20 rules

Getfly CRM focuses on solutions to help manage and develop your business's ability to sell and access markets. Help them from the time they don't have a sales mind, to building a system-based, scalability, and high automation that helps their customers have a better experience.


Success based on customer conversion rate (Leads/Purchases): Each customer source, each team or every sales staff member has a different conversion rate, Getfly CRM tracks and helps business owners find The Source that generates sales and weaknesses manages employees. From there, profits will increase steadily, sustainably by an artificial level.


Data from studies show that 20% of old customers will bring 80% profit to the business. Specifically, the cost of customer care is only 20% of the cost of finding new customers but brings much more efficiency than the cost of finding new customers.


Using Getfly CRM ensures 100% customer care, increased customer experience and satisfaction. Thereby helping to build a beautiful image in the eyes of customers, increasing the number of loyal customers of the business.


In order to bring the best and most effective experience to customers, Getfly continuously updates new features suitable for the business environment in Vietnam and builds sales processes, customer care and product transfer processes in a scientific and serious way.


Getfly is oriented in the future, becoming the leading provider of customer care and management software solutions in Vietnam for SMEs in the country and Southeast Asia.