Inevitable Trend of Online Tourism

Date submitted: 19/02/2021 23:07:00

On June 26, 2019, Vietnam Online Tourism Day 2019 co-organized by Vietnam E-commerce Association and Vietnam Tourism Association was taken place successfully with presence of state agencies, companies and businesses related to online tourism.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung-Chairman of VECOM addressed opening speech

At opening speech, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, Chairman of Vietnam E-commerce Association showed that according to Report of World Tourism Organization, current tourism trend or tourists behavior has now entered a new phase called “ Connecting tourists”. It means that the tourists actively find destinations, tours, hotels and also post comments, reviews about their experiences after the trip to help the next tourists have useful information rather than the information from the companies that specialize in surveys, ratings and travel reviews. These shows that a new era of tourism business has begun

Mr. Vu The Binh-Chairman of VITA made presentation on online tourism overview

The forum consisted of four sessions. The topic of first session: “The blooming of online tourism” helps the participants have an overview of online tourism market in Vietnam, tourism development trend and the conversion of customers' choices from traditional tourism to digital tourism.

Session 1: The blooming of online tourism

The demand of tourists determines the supply of product services; however, how to catch up with the psychology of tourists and optimize the cost for the business is also the content of the second session: "Catching online tourist behavior". The speakers suggested that the tourists need explorations and experiences at where they go, not just by eating and drinking. Therefore, to meet customer needs, it is necessary to optimize to diversify service utilities and increase the experience of tourists even when they have not arrived.

Session 2: Catching tourist behavior

 “Online tourism support services” is topic of the third session which discuss about applying technology ecosystem in management and tourism business. Applying Social Chatbot, integral technology allows to maximize exploitation and not to miss customers. With the development of technology, application of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are able to promote the formation and development of new online business types that increase the experience of tourists.

Session 3: Online tourism support services

The fourth session with topic “Human resources for online tourism”. The online tourism plays an important role in e-commerce. Therefore, improving quality of human resources in the digital age is essential to help them catch up with trend and be familiar with technology to apply for tourism industry. The sharing of Professor. Ph.D. Peoples’ teacher. Nguyen Van Dinh showed that human resources for online tourism status still have difficult issues, the enterprises and state need to have appropriate policies to explore and promote development.

In the context of Vietnam Online Tourism Day 2019, Vietnam E-commerce Association and Vietnam Tourism Association signed training a cooperation agreement on training human resources for online tourism. At the same time, Vietnam Travel Association will also have a cooperation agreement with Tiktok Company. In addition to sharing of professional content, the Online Tourism Day also has a booth for enterprises to introduce general tourism support solutions and online travel applications in an effective way.

The forum gathered speakers from leading organizations in the country and around the world such as Agoda, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA), Vietravel, Gotadi, VNNIC, Tripi, Tiktok, Vinalink, Hanoitourist, Go Eat, Haravan, ezCloud, Novaon, Toàn Dũng Media, VNPay, TransViet…bringing many practical values as well as comprehensive pictures for thousands of delegates to the event and online followers, etc to help the program succeed.

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Sponsors received anniversary gifts from the program


The event was attracted by major participants

Event overview of Vietnam Online Tourism Day 2019