Date submitted: 17/11/2023 15:51:00

Vietnam Online Marketing Forum (VOMF) is the largest and most official series of events in the field of online marketing on a national scale organized annually by VECOM since 2016. This year, VOMF 2023 will continue to be held in two places: Hanoi and City. HCM. This is also one of the biggest annual events organized by VECOM, attracting great attention from the community.

In particular, the Forum in Hanoi will combine with the organization of the Best Solution Awards 2023 Ceremony and the Trade Promotion and Trade Connection Program in the digital environment.

Event Website:

This year's guests:

- Business community nationwide related to e-commerce and digital business: technology businesses, solutions, sales of goods and services, delivery, payment...

- Community of businesses participating in the Best Solution Awards 2023 (HN program only).

- Local ministries and manufacturing enterprises attend and participate in displaying booths at the event (HN program only).

As an organizer, VECOM respectfully invites businesses, people operating in the field of online business, Marketing, and many other fields to attend the event to update trends. Latest on Online Marketing in 2023 and 2024.


- Sharing from speakers; Sharing discussions; Q&A with attendees.

- "Trade connection program between suppliers with export enterprises and trade promotion organizations" takes place in the outside area.

- BEST SOLUTIONS AWARD 2023 award ceremony.

- Mini games and lucky draws with valuable gifts from businesses.

- Networking Dinner - Intimate dinner reserved for special guests.


Topic 1: Reporting consumer behavior trends.

Topic 2: All touch points integrated.

Topic 3: Fusion 2023: Integrating Strategies for Success.

Topic 4: Export trends 2023-2025.

Topic 5: All A.I for Digital Success: formula for using artificial intelligence throughout the customer conversion journey.

Topic 6: Potential of Dropshipping in Vietnam - B2B2C.

Topic 7: Short-fusion Marketing: unified short video strategy across multiple platforms.

Topic 8: Accelerating Tet season sales.

Topic 9: Accelerate Social Commerce & Live Selling sales with Meta/Multi-channel.

Topic 10: Performance Branding.

- To ensure program quality, organizers limit the number of participants, quickly book tickets now to reserve your spot at: