Promoting sustainable postal development to meet the needs of e-commerce

Date submitted: 23/06/2021 15:01:00

In the morning of May 16, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Information and Communications held a seminar "Promoting sustainable postal development: difficulties, problems and solutions". Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Thanh Hung attended and gave a speech directing the Seminar. Attending the seminar were representatives of units of the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Vietnam E-Commerce Association, the Northern Departments of Information and Communications and many enterprises operating in the field of postal delivery.


Speaking at the seminar, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Thanh Hung emphasized that post office has been an important service sector, becoming an essential need in life. However, the rapid development of society and technology is settinging, blurring hard boundaries for the postal and delivery sectors.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Thanh Hung spoke at the event

Deputy Minister Nguyen Thanh Hung said that recently the competition in the postal sector is very fierce, both domestically and internationally. Industry regulations for the postal industry are not as strict as other industries that also affect the development of postal enterprises. In the high-quality postal market, domestic enterprises cannot compete with giant companies such as DHL and UPS. Therefore, for postal enterprises that have been licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications, in order to be able to develop sustainably, it is necessary to consider the establishment of the Association to take care of and protect the interests of businesses.


The Deputy Minister also said that the Ministry of Transport is currently developing a Decree on taxi service management, which mentions management policies to resolve conflicts between technology taxi services such as Grab and traditional taxis. The goal of the plan is to ensure the harmonity of the interests of traditional taxi businesses, while ensuring that it does not prevent new technologies from developing. The postal industry, too, needs to have a plan and find solutions for traditional postal development and ensure new technology is applied to the postal delivery industry.


Mr. Tran Van Trong, Chief of VECOM office said that VECOM annually builds the Vietnam E-Commerce Index Report. Accordingly, in 2018, the growth rate of e-commerce increased by 25% compared to 2017, and in 2019 revenue will reach $ 28 billion. It is expected that by 2020, the size of Vietnam e-commerce market will reach more than 3 billion USD.

Mr. Tran Van Trong, Chief of VECOM Office shares information about the e-commerce market

According to Mr. Trong, in terms of size compared to some countries, the e-commerce market in Vietnam is still relatively modest. Mr. Trong cited that according to the e-Conomy SEA 2018 report of Google and Temasek in 2018, Vietnam e-commerce only accounted for about 9 billion USD, ranked 4th in the top 6 countries in Southeast Asia, after Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand. careless. Therefore, businesses need to accelerate the delivery and application of new technology to ensure good goods, consumers will be assured and the e-commerce market will develop.


Ms. Hoang Hong Ngoc, Deputy Director General of The Postal Department said that the postal market has more than 400 enterprises operating with an independent network size, narrow small investment capital, except for some large enterprises such as Viettel Post, VNPost ... The rest of enterprises do not have a large investment in machinery technology infrastructure, serving the selection and delivery of postal mail. Enterprises do not have the conditions to invest in expanding production and business activities, improving the quality of services, so it is difficult to build a strong and reputable brand in the market. Therefore, businesses need to cooperate in using infrastructure, optimizing to improve competitiveness, offer new services with new advantages for the whole society.


Enterprises need to establish the Vietnam Postal Business Association to protect the rights and interests of businesses. The establishment of the association is the will and aspirations of the enterprise. The Ministry of Information and Communications has received a number of suggestions from businesses and supported the establishment of the association.


Deputy Director of the Department of Post also said that the association is an economic organization with a scope of operation throughout the country, so there must be at least 11 legal representatives, there is an advocacy committee established. The Ministry of Information and Communications has surveyed and consulted postal enterprises on the establishment of the association. According to the survey results there are: 11 feedback votes, all agreeing the need to establish, will join the association; 7 vote agreed to the association's founding board.


At the seminar, businesses and localities also discussed the role of e-commerce in the provision of postal delivery services, the participation of postal enterprises in the e-commerce supply chain, the role of the association in protecting rights, connecting and leading businesses.