Signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between VECOM and VITIS

Date submitted: 26/05/2021 11:28:00

Attending the ceremony were representatives of the parties to sign the cooperation agreement: Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung – Vice Chairman and General Secretary of VECOM; Mr. Nguyen Sy Cuong – Principal of VITIS; There was also the presence of Mr. Tran Huu Linh – Director General of E-Commerce and IT Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Mr. Nguyen Van Thao – Deputy Director General of Human Resource Development Department – Ministry of Industry and Trade and representatives of VECOM's member enterprises and other guests.

The objective of the Signing Ceremony of the Agreement is to improve the quality of e-commerce teaching and training of VITIS lecturers, support VITIS students to improve their professional and practical capacity and be supported in finding jobs after graduation, in order to contribute to promoting e-commerce vocational training in Vietnam.

The main contents of cooperation include:

– Develop and coordinate to organize professional training and retraining programs in e-commerce vocational training programs for VITIS staff and lecturers; training and retraining e-commerce for VITIS students.

– Coordinate to organize seminars and seminars related to e-commerce.

– Organizing networking programs, facilitating VITIS students to find an academic and work unit after school.

At the ceremony, representatives of the participants spoke about the needs of e-commerce vocational training and opportunities for cooperation in the field of e-commerce for VITIS in particular and of Vietnam in general; the desire to approve this Agreement will contribute to promoting e-commerce in Vietnam.

Some photos at the ceremony:

Representatives of the parties and guests were present at the ceremony.

Vice Principal of VITIS spoke about the situation of e-commerce vocational training at VITIS.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung – Vice Chairman of VECOM spoke about the needs and potentials of e-commerce vocational training cooperation between VECOM and VITIS.

Signed a cooperation agreement between VECOM and VITIS.

Mr. Tran Huu Linh – Director general of E-commerce and IT department congratulated the cooperation between VECOM and VITIS.

About the parties to the Cooperation Agreement:

Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM),founded on June 25, 2007, is a non-governmental organization with members who are businesses, organizations and individuals directly doing business by e-commerce; or e-commerce applications for production and business activities; or researching or providing e-commerce services. The Association operates on a voluntary, non-profit basis, aiming to gather, unite, cooperate, support and protect its members to develop the e-commerce sector in Vietnam. The Vietnam E-commerce Association operates nationly, in accordance with the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The Central School of Industry and Trade (VITIS) was established on December 27, 2007 (formerly known as the Central School of Trade Officers under the Ministry of Industry and Trade), as an educational institution, science and technology has revenues and self-assurance of part of the funding for regular operations and activities nation across the country in the field of training, retraining, scientific and technological research on organization, management, professional and vocational training at the college level for industry and trade.

Download the Memorandum of Agreement here .