Date submitted: 17/10/2023 15:02:00

Student Forum in the Digital Economy - an important event organized by the Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM) and the Vietnam Digital Business Education Network (VECOMNET), will take place at three prestigious universities: Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) on October 24, 2023, Danang University of Economics on October 27, 2023 and National Economics University on November 1, 2023.

According to the national e-commerce development master plan for the period 2021 - 2025, the task is "Developing and organizing the implementation of e-commerce training programs for students associated with specific majors". possible, with the participation of large domestic and foreign e-commerce businesses. Connecting the need for e-commerce human resource recruitment between schools, businesses and the community", striving to have "50% of higher education and vocational education institutions deploying commerce training by 2025". electronic; 1,000,000 businesses, business households, state management officials, and students participated in training courses on e-commerce application skills. (Decision No. 645/QD-TTg dated May 15, 2020) 

The Student Forum in the Digital Economy aims to achieve the above goal by creating opportunities for students to access knowledge about careers, business recruitment requirements, as well as advice on learning and development paths. development in the field of e-commerce and digital economy. At the same time, the forum also creates opportunities for exchanges between school lecturers, lecturers with businesses, and students with businesses to exchange information, experiences and job opportunities for students after graduation. In addition, the forum also provides employment consulting services for students after graduation through business information booths, encouraging students to research, participate in competitions and implement creative ideas in the field of e-commerce and digital economy.

"Student Forum in the Digital Economy" will have the participation of leading experts in the field of e-commerce and digital economy, typical businesses, university lecturers and interested students. to this field. The main activities of the forum include:

  1. Topical keynote: Experts will share knowledge and experience about e-commerce, digital economy and future development trends. Topics may include, cross-border e-commerce, data analytics, artificial intelligence and omnichannel integration, brand identity, etc.
  2. Exchange with businesses: Students will have the opportunity to meet and chat with typical businesses in the field of e-commerce and digital economy. This is an opportunity for students to better understand recruitment requirements, job opportunities and build specialized networks.
  3. Recruitment and job opportunities: The forum is where students can find information about jobs, internships and career opportunities; Directly participate in face-to-face interviews with businesses.

With a large scale organization, high ability to reach students and very practical topics, the Forum will attract the participation of many reputable businesses in the industry, including VNNIC, NPAP, Shopee, BH Hung Vuong, Grab, Fado, Gotadi and many other units.
In addition, the event also provides space with outdoor booths, where students can experience and learn about the products and services of businesses participating in the forum. In particular, at the Forum there will be booths displayed by students participating in the 2023 Digital Business Contest....

The Student Forum in the Digital Economy is an open, interactive forum designed to encourage exchange and debate between students, lecturers and businesses.

Session 1 of the Forum will focus on new trends in digital business. The discussions will include an overview of electronic commerce (e-commerce) and new business trends in the field of e-commerce and digital economy, presented by VECOM - Vietnam E-Commerce Association. Participants were also introduced to the important role of digital brand identification in the online environment, presented by VNNIC - Vietnam Internet Center. In addition, speakers will present outstanding solutions that businesses prioritize applying in digital business, including multi-channel business and business on e-commerce platforms such as SAPO, Haravan and Shopee, and other businesses. about Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Session 2 of the Forum will focus on human resource needs and current status of training in the field of e-commerce and digital economy: Career opportunities in this field; HR trends in the field of e-commerce and their applications, including freelancers, KOL (Key Opinion Leader), KOC (Key Opinion Consumer); digital businesses and challenges facing human resources in the field of digital economy. Final; The school representative will evaluate the current state of training in the school, mention difficulties and make recommendations.

The Student Forum in the Digital Economy will be an important and useful event, creating a bridge between the classroom and business reality, while encouraging development and innovation in the fields of e-commerce and architecture.