The 6th Executive Committee Meeting

Date submitted: 19/02/2021 23:30:22

[Da Nang, January 10, 2020] With the agreement of the Standing Board, the Vietnam E-Commerce Association has organized the 6th Executive Board Meeting for the IIIth term in Da Nang. This is an annual event held annually to summarize, evaluate the achieved results and develop and provide additional comments to complete the Work Plan for 2020. Attend the conference have the Executive Committee members term IIIth; The close members have made a lot of contribution and attachment to the development of the Association over the past time. Especially, at the Conference, there were representatives of Departments of Industry and Trade such as Da Nang and Quang Nam.

Mr. Le Hai Binh - Vice Chairman of VECOM

Major contents exchanged in the Conference:

  1. Discuss and approve Operations Summary Report 2019
  2. Discuss and approve Operating plan in 2020
  3. Topic 1: Organize Vietnam Online Business Forum 2020
  4. Topic 2: Announce the Decision to establish E-commerce Branch at Da Nang
  5. Topic 3: Proposal for the cooperation of Members
  6. Exchange proposals and initiatives for VECOM's activities in 2020

The meeting began with Operations Summary Report 2018. This report is written according to Operating direction in term of 2016-2020 approved by 3rdNational Congress of Vietnam E-Commerce Association (VECOM). The year 2019 continues to mark the rapid development of e-commerce, attracting attention include domestic and foreign enterprises into the Vietnam market.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung - Vice Chairman of VECOM presented the Summary Report 2019

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung - Vice Chairman of VECOM via the Summary Report with the task of consulting and reviewing legal policies: VECOM has cooperated with the organizing agencies, the member enterprises to hold meetings, consult about alcohol laws, decrees payment intermediaries and non-cash payments. In 2019, two major national events in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City were successfully deployed to attract thousands of attendees and hundreds of thousands of readers to know about the event through the environment online. In addition, VECOM has also successfully organized other small-scale seminars suitable for the development of Vietnam e-commerce such as Online Tourism Day 2019, US-Sino. Trade Friction Forum and EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, Fulfilment Service Forum, etc.

In addition to organizing events, 2019 is also the 8th year VECOM conducts business surveys across the country to successfully build the E-commerce Index 2020. Besides, international cooperation activities cooperation with localities, professional social organizations, etc. implemented through the forms of propaganda e-commerce training has been reported in great detail.

Mr. Tran Trong Tuyen - General Secretary of VECOM presented the Work Plan for 2020

At the Conference, the 2020 Work Plan was presented by Mr. Tran Trong Tuyen - General Secretary of VECOM with specific activities. With consultancy and review of legal policies, VECOM will focus on the Master Plan for e-commerce development in the 2021-2025 period and issue a Decree amending and supplementing Decree 52/2013 / ND-CP. Regarding e-commerce, these are two major activities that will affect the development of Vietnam e-commerce and need the Association's deep participation. In the coming year, VECOM will expand the scale of organizing events related to e-commerce, organizing the E-commerce Festival 2020, etc. and continue to maintain well the works performed in 2019.

Within the framework of the Conference, VECOM announced the Decision to established an E-commerce Branch at Da Nang and elected its  Mr. Vo Van Khanh is Head of Branch, in charge of running the Branch. Members of the Branch are members of the Association operating in Da Nang and neighboring provinces.

From 2019, VECOM has proposed to agencies and organizations to jointly develop and implement the Program "Sustainable e-commerce development between 2019 and 2025". The objective of the Program is to promote Vietnam's e-commerce for sustainable development and close the gap in the level of e-commerce application between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City with the remaining 61 provinces. To accomplish this goal, VECOM needs to expand activities in provinces and cities across the country, in which the establishment of the E-commerce Association in Da Nang plays a huge role as a bridge to coordinate and support VECOM deploying activities shortly.

At the end of the conference, VECOM received a lot of positive comments from the Executive Committee members as well as members of VECOM for the 2020 Work Plan and specific strategic directions and implementation methods for 2020.

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