Traffic International in Vietnam signs cooperation agreement with VECOM

Date submitted: 23/06/2021 17:46:00

On April 1, 2016 in Hanoi, the Vietnam E-Commerce Association (VECOM) and Traffic International in Vietnam signed the Cooperation Agreement, which is associated with social responsibility: "Reducing the need to use rhino horn through behavioural change".

The objective of cooperation between the parties is to support, promote social responsibility and the participation of the e-commerce business community in the fight against illegal trade and minimize the consumption of wildlife, while emphasizing the link between business ethics , the value of the brand and the social responsibility of the enterprise. Through this activity, VECOM also showed a pioneering leadership role in efforts to tackle wildlife trafficking in Vietnam through the e-commerce business community.


Under the Agreement, VECOM will support Traffic to propagate and include information of the project: "Minimizing the need to use rhino horn through behavior change" by integrating the project's news and activities into VECOM's e-newsletter, on site In 2016, VECOM organized seo award 2016, the Organizing Committee decided to choose keywords – rhino horn as the main keyword. This is the first of many activities of the cooperation agreement between the two sides with the desire to change the perception of the group of rhino horn users emotionally (entrepreneurs with social status, success, middle age from 35-55 years old, fancy precious, rare, expensive products) stop the use of rhino horn and wildlife.

Full text of the agreement