VECOM UNITOUR - Series of cooperation activities with Universities and Colleges (part 1)

Date submitted: 16/03/2022 15:51:00

From March 1, 2022 to March 10, 2022, the Vietnam E-Commerce Association launched a series of cooperation activities with e-commerce training universities in Ho Chi Minh City. In this series of activities, VECOM has the opportunity to work and discuss with universities about the situation of e-commerce training. 

Cooperation goal:
Forming a network of e-commerce training universities and inviting representatives of the Faculty to join the Human Resource Development Board.

Organize training courses / share experiences, update new knowledge with lecturers of e-commerce schools with the aim of:
1) linking training with practice;
2) access to new technologies;
3) approaching new business trends, etc.
Collaborate with Network members when compiling documents and textbooks: case studies, advanced business models, etc.

Coordinate the organization of courses/certificates for students on new applications of e-commerce
Organize activities to connect students with online business - E-commerce student network connects e-commerce businesses:
1) join an online business for final year students;
2) match job opportunities with online businesses, etc.
3) Internship/practice activities at e-commerce enterprises....
Launching contests to find talent for eCommerce students - eCommerce Talent in 2022.


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