Vietnam E-Business Index 2013 Report

Vietnam E-Business Index 2013 Report Author: VietNam E-Commerce Association VECOM
Date Submitted: 13/05/2021 15:35:03
Publishing year: 2013
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EBI 2013 was built on the basis of the survey on more than three thousand businesses in the country. The result showed that in 2013 e-commerce continued to grow steadily, penetrated into all areas of business, had a close connection with information technology and communication and became one of the pillars of the process of building information society and knowledge economy in our country.
2013 witnessed significant progress of various types of online transactions between businesses and businesses (B2B) and businesses and consumers (B2C). The level and efficiency of email use by businesses have stepped up compared to 2012 with 83% of businesses using email to receive orders. This rate of 2012 is 70%.

At the same time, 43% of businesses had websites and 35% of businesses received orders through websites, significantly higher than 29% of 2012. This showed that businesses used the website more effectively. The businesses have paid more attention to marketing activities for the website and used many different means for this activity. Search engines continue to be the most used by businesses (43%), electronic newspapers ranked second (40%). Social networks were used at a high level to promote the website and the proportion of businesses using this channel (37%) has approached the promotion rate on electronic newspapers. However, the proportion of businesses that have not used any form to promote their website still accounts for 15%, equal to the rate of 2012. The rate of businesses participating in e-commerce floors in 2013 was 12% and 33% of businesses said that participating in e-commerce floors brought high efficiency.

The online provision of public information and services by government management bodies (G2B) is an important component of e-commerce.
In 2013, 31% of businesses said that they regularly visited state agencies' websites, 56% of businesses had access to websites and 13% of businesses never visited these websites. These rates showed that the accessing websites situation of state agencies to collect information serving for business activities has no big difference compared to 2012. Meanwhile, in 2013 approximately 48% of businesses used online public services, a little more than in 2012. 25% of businesses rated online public services very useful for their business activities. This rate, along with 58% of businesses, suggested that online public services are relatively useful, reflecting online public services that really support business operations.
In relation to human resources and technology infrastructure, EBI 2013 showed that there was a clear development of human resources with many businesses aware of the importance of e-commerce and appointing staffs to take advantages of this business online method.

Based on four criteria above, the group of five localities leading in EBI this year was Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hai Phong and Dong Nai which was unchanged compared to 2012. Ho Chi Minh City continued to rank first with 68.4 points, up 3.9 points compared to the previous year. Hanoi City ranked second with 67.9 points and only different from the top city with 0.5 points. The points of some provinces almost unchanged compared to 2012 such as Kien Giang, Ca Mau or Binh Phuoc.

Vietnam E-commerce Association would like to express the gratitude toward all agencies, organizations, businesses, and individuals who supported in building E-business Index 2013. Many Departments have enthusiastically helped the Association. More than three thousand businesses actively participated in and answered survey forms.

Vietnam E-commerce Association would like to sincerely thank treasured sponsor from Google, Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Vietnam E-Commerce Development Center, companies such as NetNam, Alibaba, Smartlink, Checkin. These sponsors are also pioneers in e-commerce and actively participate in many activities organized by VECOM.

E-commerce cannot develop without propaganda activities. The Association would like to thank media agencies for their concern and actively disseminate the Association's activities in 2013, especially activities related to spread the Index in general as well as attend and report on this Announcement Ceremony.