Vietnam E-Business Index 2017 Report

Vietnam E-Business Index 2017 Report Author: VietNam E-Commerce Association VECOM
Date Submitted: 14/05/2021 15:01:22
Publishing year: 2017
Format: PDF






Vietnam eBusiness Index 2017 was built based on the survey conducted nationwide in late 2016. This survey was carried out in the context of e-commerce’ rapid growth and the approval of the Prime Ministry on the Master Plan for E-commerce Development termed 2016-2020.
Based on the practice of making reports in previous years and current level of national and local e-commerce development, this year the methodology put more focus on the situation of domestic and foreign domains registration and usage, in the correlation with income per capita and number of local enterprises. Localities with low figures of infrastructure and human resource capacity without clear potential to change in short term was not involved in the survey.

2017 report points out big gaps remaining amongst different provinces. Two biggest economic centers, Hochiminh City and Hanoi continue showing strong growth with much higher rate than other provinces. The rise of cross border economy and omni-channel shopping will bring more potential to e-commerce development in next years.

With all due respect, Vietnam E-commerce Association announce the publication of Vietnam eBusiness Index 2017Report. All comments are welcome in contribution to making a better report in following years.