Vietnam E-Business Index 2020 Report

Vietnam E-Business Index 2020 Report Author: VietNam E-Commerce Association VECOM
Date Submitted: 14/05/2021 15:04:50
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2020 is a significant year for Vietnam’s e-commerce development. To consumers, 2020 is the final year of the decade that online purchase has become favored and a large number of enticing online sales have been hunted excitedly by the shoppers whenever the year-end comes. Moreover, to businesses, this year marks a milestone of transformation from cognition to actions; in other words, this is no more the time for concerns about profits e-commerce brings but about how to implement it effectively. Contemporaneously, to organizations, 2020 is in the middle of the 10-year stage which is predicted as ―the golden stage of Vietnam’s e-commerce‖.

In this context, the Vietnam E-Business Index (EBI) 2020 Report not only aims to introduce the result of enterprises survey in 2019 but also to mirror the development of e-commerce from the past to the present as well as to anticipate its status in upcoming trends from now on up to 2025.

Noticeably, some localities have assisted more the online trading of enterprises. Besides, foreign investment capital has played an important role in digital platforms as well as e- commercial floors. However, it is necessary that millions of enterprises and household businesses actively invest in human resources that meet the needs of online trading. After all, what really matters is to turn the determination of improving institutions and policies into specific actions.

We are honored to introduce the Vietnam E-Business Index Report 2020 and welcome any suggestions to better implement of this task in the following years.