Vietnam – E-commerce accelerates after COVID-19 pandemic

Vietnam – E-commerce accelerates after COVID-19 pandemic Author: VietNam E-Commerce Association VECOM
Date Submitted: 14/05/2021 15:23:37
Publishing year: 2020
Format: PDF

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From the beginning of February to the end of April 2020, Vietnam's economy was severely affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. However, at the peak of epidemic prevention with a comprehensive blockade of most socio-economic activities, many businesses have been dynamic and creative in implementing online business effectively.

The question is how COVID-19 has impacted during the three peak months as well as in the next phase on the activities of businesses related to online business. Vecom's initial survey results show that Vietnam e-commerce has been hit hard but will recover quickly and continue to grow strongly.

Against this backdrop, the Vietnam E-commerce Association conducted a survey to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on e-commerce businesses' business. The report is a quarterly document that helps businesses have an overview and development orientation after the pandemic to restore business in a stable way.