Vietnam E-commerce Report 2006

Vietnam E-commerce Report 2006 Author: VietNam E-Commerce Association VECOM
Date Submitted: 13/05/2021 14:48:35
Publishing year: 2006





Following the e-commerce reports from 2003 to 2005, the Vietnam E-Commerce Report 2006 offers a comprehensive view of the development situation and application of e-commerce in the areas of socio-economic life, with the highlight being the areas with the clearest progress in the past year.

The report is based on research, analysis, investigation and practical interviews to show a relatively comprehensive and realistic picture of the current status quo of Vietnam e-commerce development in 2006. This year's report noted that e-commerce has become popular with business classes and people, the type of corporate e-commerce with enterprises (B2B) has grown quite quickly in both width and depth, online public services flourished through state agencies promoting the application of information technology in administrative work. However, 2006 also saw some limitations such as the delay in promulgating documents guiding the Law on E-Transactions, cybersecurity issues as well as many new issues that have arisen that hinder the development of e-commerce that have not been properly addressed. Based on the analysis and comments of the Report, we hope that along with the profound transformation of the entire economy towards a socialist-oriented market economy, in the context of Vietnam joining the WTO, Vietnam e-commerce will take new developments in the coming years.