Vietnam E-commerce Report 2008

Vietnam E-commerce Report 2008 Author: VietNam E-Commerce Association VECOM
Date Submitted: 13/05/2021 14:49:31
Publishing year: 2008
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As an important transitional year for implementing Decision 222, the year 2008 witnessed many changes in business environment in general and e-commerce in particular. Assigned by the Government to serve as a state regulator of e-commerce and monitor the implementation of Decision 222, Ministry of Industry and Trade has published the Vietnam
E-commerce Report 2008. The report presents survey results, analysis, and overview on the three years’ implementation of the Master Plan on E-commerce Development. It focused on analyzing major changes in the macro environment for e-commerce applications following the themes of six major sets of policies and measures stipulated by Decision 222 – education, propagation and popularization of e-commerce legal system improvement public, service provision, e-commerce supporting technology development; enforcement of laws on e-commerce and international cooperation on e-commerce.009 the Ministry of Industry and Trade conducted a survey on e-commerce application situation at more than 2000 enterprises nationwide. Based on the survey result, the Ministry of Industry and Trade releases the Vietnam E-commerce Report 2009 with in-depth analysis and assessment of Vietnam businesses’ e-commerce status as of 2009.
Also, the Report presents assessment of the implementation of some major tasks stipulated by Decision 222, including promulgation and implementation of e-commerce legal and policy framework, online provision of public services, and e-learning; as compared with the previous years’ implementation.