Vietnam E-Commerce Report 2011

Vietnam E-Commerce Report 2011 Author: VietNam E-Commerce Association VECOM
Date Submitted: 13/05/2021 15:27:30
Publishing year: 2011
Format: PDF






Closing a development path, Vietnam E-commerce Report 2011 will be the last publication in the annual e-commerce report series of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, preparing for the introduction of a new form of publication in line with the richer and more diverse practices of e-commerce in the new phase. The central part of the report is still the data of investigation and analysis on the development of e-commerce in 2011, compared to previous years. In particular, this year's report was developed with the orientation of serving the audience of enterprises, thus spending a whole chapter to systemaize all legal provisions related to e-commerce application activities in enterprises, with in-depth analysis of some issues to note when implementing e-commerce business. Besides, the issue of e-payment, one of the necessary conditions for expanding e-commerce applications among people, was also mentioned in the Report as a highlight of e-commerce in 2011.


We hope the Vietnam E-commerce Report 2011 will continue to be a useful document not only for businesses, investors, regulators but also for all individuals who are interested in this field.

The Department of E-Commerce and Information Technology, Ministry of Industry and Trade would like to thank agencies, organizations, businesses and experts for coordinating and providing information throughout the process of developing and finalizing the Vietnam E-commerce Report 2011. We look forward to receiving more comments and suggestions for future e-commerce publications to be improved and become useful materials for a large number of interested readers.