Vietnam Online Import - Export Forum (VOIEF 2020)

Date submitted: 10/03/2021 11:30:55

Hanoi, July 28, 2020, VietNam E-commerce Association, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and VCCI co-organized the Digital Transformation Forum in the field of goods import and export in Hanoi. This is the second time after 3 years that the Forum has been held and has attracted 500 delegates from state agencies and enterprises related to import and export of goods.

Mr. Cao Quoc Hung, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, made the statement at the Forum 

Delivering the opening speech, Mr. Cao Quoc Hung - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade affirmed that VOIEF 2020 forum was held in the context of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) was officially signed. 

“Along with the opportunities from the EVFTA, the trend of switching from traditional business to digital platforms is becoming increasingly popular. Digital transformation is considered an effective solution to help businesses penetrate and expand export markets, in the context that Việt Nam is increasingly integrating deeply into the world economy,” he said.

The first session of the Forum entitled "Digital transformation with cross-border e-commerce" discusses the close relationship between digital transformation to import and export of goods, benefits from joining export platforms, efficiency of National public service portal, the role of website businesses in export business.

Session 2 with the topic "Digital transformation solutions" goes into detail on how to transform digital successfully. Digital transformation does not stop at import-export enterprises but must take place simultaneously in many agencies and organizations providing related services. This session emphasizes that in the early stages of digital transformation, it is important to pay attention to three basic factors: digital platform, digital data and mobile-compatible website. Representatives of the two leading digital platforms in the world, Facebook and Google, provided information about the potential of exploiting these platforms for import and export business.

The speakers of Session Two discussed in-depth topics: 1) How solutions to help businesses related to import and export digital transformation? Which solutions have domestic units deployed to help businesses more easily in cross-border e-commerce? 2) Some outstanding policies and laws as well as feasibility related to digital transformation in the import and export sector, including the draft Decree on customs management for traded exports and imports. via e-commerce.

At the forum, the Ministry of Industry and Trade also launched the Việt Nam Export Support Platform at, with features including the Import-Export Business Community, which helps businesses find opportunities to trade online.

When the EVFTA comes into effect, the ECVN platform will take advantage of the agreement’s opportunities to maximise the support of online trade promotion activities, connecting business transactions between the EU and Việt Nam.

Some figures from the Forum:

500++  delegates participated

100+ communication agencies participated in and reported about the Event

25+ reputable speakers

12000++ people reached through online channels

VECOM sincerely thanked for the sponsorship and support from The Ministry of Industry and Trade, General Department of Vietnam Customs,VCCI, VECOM, Alibaba, Amazon, Facebook, Google, VLA, USABC, VESA, MBBank, FPT, Hapro, ACCESSTRADE, Fado, OSB… and  many media sponsorships.

Some images at the event:


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