APEC The Basic Principles of Protecting Personal Data in E-Commerce

APEC The Basic Principles of Protecting Personal Data in E-Commerce Author: VietNam E-Commerce Association VECOM
Date Submitted: 12/05/2021 16:14:00
Publishing year: 2008
Format: PDF


In recent years, with the development of information technology, especially the Internet, e-commerce transactions have increased sharply, the volume of information exchanged is increasing. However, violations related to personal information are also increasing, causing fear for individuals and organizations when participating in e-commerce transactions. According to the survey of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2007, the issue of security and security of personal information is considered the biggest obstacle to the development of e-commerce in Vietnam.

Identifying the importance of protecting personal information in the development of global e-commerce, in November 2004 APEC Ministers approved the APEC Privacy Framework, which aims to help member economies develop effective personal data protection mechanisms without creating presented uns reasonable barriers to information exchange, thereby promoting economic – trade in the region for sustainable development.

As a developing country with a slow starting point in e-commerce, Vietnam e-commerce has grown significantly in the past few years. Up to now, it can be said that the legal and technological foundation for e-commerce in Vietnam has formed and e-commerce in Vietnam has begun to move to a new stage: the stage of application of e-commerce deeply to the socio-economic activities of the country.

In this context, the Ministry of Industry and Trade presides over the translation of "The basic principles of protecting personal data in APEC e-commerce" into Vietnamese. This document will assist state management agencies, organizations and enterprises in researching, developing mechanisms, policies and measures to protect personal data in compliance with APEC's principles of personal data protection and in line with the reality of our country. The propagating and dissemination of the contents of "The basic principles of protecting personal data in e-commerce of APEC" also contributes to raising public awareness about the great benefits of e-commerce to society..