Vietnam E-commerce Report 2004

Vietnam E-commerce Report 2004 Author: VietNam E-Commerce Association VECOM
Date Submitted: 13/05/2021 14:41:41
Publishing year: 2004
Format: PDF


The E-Commerce Development Status Report 2004 by the E-commerce Department reflects the various and practical facets of e-commerce development in 2004 of our country. The report supplies valuable data about the development of e-commerce in 2004. Compared to 2003, we would easily agree that e-commerce in Vietnam had reached a new height, and to some extents, contributed to the growth of national trade. The Report provides comments and assessments on related aspects of e-commerce, and also some recommendations to state management agencies as well as enterprises. These views and judgments were summarized from survey results and did not reflect formal attitudes of the Ministry of Trade.

A number of ministries and organizations, both at central and local levels, especially the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), have coordinated and assisted the E-commerce Department to make this Report possible. Many enterprises from different sectors nationwide have enthusiastically participated in the surveys and interviews. On behalf of the Ministry of Trade, I would like to extent sincere thanks to all the organizations, enterprises, and individuals who have helped us complete this Report.

We would appreciate all contributive comments to the E-commerce Development Status Report 2004, which are really helpful to improve its succeeding publication of year 2005.